Foreign Grain Beetles

They’ve Been Eating Your Wheaties

If you’re a new homeowner, there are a few pests that will welcome you to the neighborhood and while many can be a real problem, there’s one in particular that often gets a bad rap: Foreign Grain Beetles.

Often mistaken for fleas, ticks, fruit flies or gnats, these buggers will invite themselves into your new home without knocking first and it’s all thanks to the moisture accumulating in your home. School yourself with some quick pest control knowledge on the foreign grain beetle and how you can beat them back from taking over your home!

What The Experts Say

Many new homes have a lot of water in the wood or drywall. With that moisture comes fungus and mold. According to The University of Minnesota Extension, that is a fancy four-course meal to Foreign Grain Beetles. That’s why they find those places in newer homes the most attractive, rather than in older homes where those areas are fewer and farther between. Since a moist and damp environment is a bouncing club for these beetles, their favorite season of the year is the summertime. That’s when the UM Extension says moisture can be at 65% or more, also known as the perfect mating weather for these beetles.

Some steps to ensure these bugs don’t come into your house to party include running a dehumidifier for up to a month, turning on the bathroom fan during showers and baths, and increasing the comfort setting on the air exchange in your new home.

The good news is Foreign Grain Beetles are not only harmless to people, as The UM Extension reports, they also disappear on their own, and getting rid of them is simple! Either you wait for fall or winter to come around and letting nature dissipate the moisture in the air, or simply suck them up with a vacuum cleaner when you see them. They don’t bite and will also leave your clothes and furniture alone. In terms of food, they get their name from their love of moldy old grain. They also love spices and dried fruits that have started to go bad. So if you find some lurking in your pantry, take it as a sign you’ve got some bad food to toss out.

There’s some natural worry that comes with their appearance: it implies that there are fungus and mold hanging around your home. That can be scary for first-time homeowners because some of it can be dangerous and detrimental. But rest assured: the UM Extension says finding Foreign Grain Beetles does not necessarily mean the mold they’re attracted to in your home is dangerous.

Relax And Wait Them Out

Some notable features of Foreign Grain Beetles: they have wings that are covered while at rest, and the bugs have a reddish-brown shell.

While no one likes seeing bugs crawling around their home in large numbers, Foreign Grain Beetles should be low on your “Bugs to be worried about” list when you move in. They are harmless, they don’t stick around for long, and they are easy to get rid of and prevent from coming in. Plus, you know they aren’t feasting on your fresh food or can pose a danger to your family or pets.

They don’t require pesticides, and if you’re tired of seeing them around, they’ll disappear soon with the changing of the seasons. If you think you’ve found some in your home, make sure they match the physical description, as they get mistaken for other worse pests.

Consider finding them creeping around as a good thing! They are nature’s way of letting you know you’ve got some excess moisture and water to take care of in your home, or the food you have isn’t safe to eat anymore. They can be part of an alarm system in your home that has legs and can fly around. Nothing to be afraid of, but a warning sign that there are some things to take care of or clean up.

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