Pest Control For Voles

Voles are often confused for moles due to their name, and rats due to their appearance but behave quite differently than both and are treated differently as well. Call us today and ask about our voles inspection services to learn exactly what is affecting your home or business property.

We Stop Voles In Their Tracks

Voles can be stopped by baiting, trapping and/or poisoning. At Fenix Pest Control, Inc., we use the best method appropriate for your property and its occupants.

All of our pest control methods are eco-friendly, meaning they’re designed to have minimical impact on the surrounding environment. Ask you pest technician for more detail on the methods used on your property next time they’re there!

Vole Removal And Vole Prevention

After we’ve completed our initial inspection of your property for voles, we’ll go on to remove them and their nests and then continue to prevent them with continual pest maintenance services.

Pest prevention services are designed to keep you pest free 24/7/365 all year long, so don’t wait, call us today!

Why Fenix?

We’ve been in the business for over 40 years and if there’s one thing we learned, it’s each property is completely unique, requiring a unique pest control plan to tackle its challenges. We never apply a one sizes fits all to any job we take, and will continue working until 100% of your pest control needs are met. With Fenix at your back, pests are a thing of the past.