Dubuque Pest
Control Services

If you’re experiencing a pest control issue, our local Dubuque pest control branch technicians are ready to help! We service over 18 different pests from ants to bed bugs, box elder bugs, stink bugs, moles, rats, mice, wasps, centipedes, millipedes and the list goes on.

Call or contact us today and ask for a free pest inspection, or about our pest removal service and pest prevention treatments to top it off to keep you pest free all year long.

Fenix Pest Control Services

Ants | Asian Beetles | Bed Bugs | Bees | Box Elder Bugs | Centipedes | Cockroaches | Millipedes
Mice | Moles | Moths | Silverfish | Snakes | Spiders | Rats | Ticks | Voles | Wasps | And More

Pest Inspections

We know pests. We know how they think, what drives them, and where they nest. If they’re in your home, business, or any other property, we’ll find them. Further still, you don’t pay a dime for your pest inspection regardless of if we find any pests or not! That’s right, a free pest inspection.

However, if we do find them, we can offer you a customized pest removal plan on the spot, specific to your home or business, having just inspected your property and it’s individual needs.

Pest Removal Service

Without the proper equipment and know how, trapping, removing or flushing pests out of your walls, ceiling, basement and many other locations can be next to impossible. Let us help with local Dubuque pest control removal services near guaranteed to succeed.

Similar to our pest prevention treatment, if you find yourself dealing with your pest problem a couple days after our service treatment, give us a call and we’ll come out again at no additional cost to you.

Pest Prevention Treatment

The least expensive method to getting rid of a pest infestation is by preventing one altogether with preventative pest control treatments. With our routine pest prevention treatments, we can stop most pests from your home or business all year long at minimal cost to you.

Like our pest removal service, if you’re finding yourself  dealing with pests a few days after our preventative treatment, we’ll come out again for additional treatments at no extra cost to you to ensure the job is fully completed.

Local Dubuque Pest Control Services You Can Trust

Reputation is everything for a pest control company like us. It’s through providing unmatched service that we’re able to stay in business, so we strive to do our utmost when it comes to ensuring our customers are the happiest they can be with what they receive from us.

We are fully invested in doing things the right way and we take criticism to heart and while we could say whatever we want on our own website, we think it’s important to share third-party reviews to hold us accountable to our own words and our customers.

We suggest heading over to HomeAdvisor, a third-party service finder, and review platform to best gauge what our customers think of us. We are proud to share as of today, we are maintaining a 4.8-star rating out of 5, with 77 reviews and a 97% recommendation rating.

Further still, we also maintain a 4.4-star rating out of 5 with 18 reviews seen on Google.

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