Pest Control For Moles

Got moles? Not sure? We’ve got you covered either way. Give Fenix Pest Control, Inc. a call and aska bout our mole inspection services. If we find a problem, we can act right then and there, but if we don’t you don’t pay a dime for our inspection! So don’t wait, whether it’s moles, voles, snakes, ants or whatever, if we find it, we can take care of it for you, so call today.

Prevent Moles Before The Holes

Part of what makes moles so devastating and a pest in the first place is their ability to wreck a landscape with their tunneling ability. While in small ways its good for irrigation, the presence of moles innevitably ends the same, with their living area destroyed and temporarily barren.

Don’t let this happen to your yard or landscape. With Fenix Pest Control, Inc. preventive mole services, we can make sure your property remains hole free and mole free! Call your local Fenix branch today and be mole free tomorrow.

Eco-Friendly Mole Control

At Fenix Pest Control, Inc. we use eco-friendly pest control methods to prevent any unwanted issues regarding pesticides, sprays, traps and any other method we use to control pest issues. Our priority is to keep the occupants of any property we service as safe as possible from both pests and the methods we use to prevent them.

40+ Years Of Experience

We’ve been in the pest control industry for over 40 years, servicing thousands of different customers with different home layouts, business property layouts and different pest problems. There’s no pest concern we haven’t dealt with before and we are confident we can help you with your pest problem. Give us a call today and we’ll be out before you know it to inspect, remove and prevent whatever pest issue you’re facing now and/or in the future.

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