Pest Control For Ants

Got ants? Who doesn’t. Ants are literally on every continent of the planet, so don’t feel too down if you’re experiencing an ant problem as most home and business owners will experience the problem one time or another.

The good news is however that we at Fenix Pest Control are exceptionally good at not only removing an ant presence, but also preventing them from becoming a problem ever again with our routine pest control for ants. Call us today and ask about a free ant inspection!

Pest Control for Ants

We’re Like Ant Eaters…Except We Don’t Actually Eat The Ants

Fenix Pest Control makes use of eco-friendly pest control for ants with methods specifically designed to have minimal impact on your property, as well as those who live in the property or operate out of it.

If we do have to use the big guns on the off chance your ant problem turns out to be a full blown infestation, we’ll be sure to inform you of exactly what we’ll be doing and using to ensure you feel comfortable within your own home or business.

Ant Control Services Around The Clock

Unfortunately when it comes to pest control, but more specifically ant control, once is never enough. Ants never stop reproducing and will do whatever they can to increase the size of their colony and that includes invading your home or business and sacking it for whatever food or other resources available, even during the colder winter months. This means 24/7/365 ants will be knocking at your door morning, noon and night; summer, fall, winter and spring. Fortunately Fenix Pest Control offers year round ant control services to help eliminate and prevent any ant presence that may pop up. Give your local Fenix branch a call today and ask about our free ant inspections, if we find nothing, you pay nothing, but if we do find something, you’ll be saving a heck of a lot more money with preventative services now, than down the line to remove a full blown ant infestation in additional to future prevention services, so don’t wait, call now!

Our History

Fenix Pest Control is the culmination of years of knowledge and experience. The big guys like to offer a one size fits all package regardless of whether your property is a home or business, but after 40+ years in the industry, we know it takes a more customized approach to do the job well which is why we started Fenix Pest Control, to do right by our customers. We will always do our absolute best to ensure you feel safe and comfortable in your property and will not stop until you are happy with the results. We firmly believe that after having used our services to remove and prevent your ant and other pest problems, that you won’t bother going to the big guys or anyone else for your ant control and pest control needs. Thank you for your business and as always, thank your for your support!

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