Pest Control For Cockroaches

Face it, cockroaches are one of the most disgusting insects around. The stereotype about them surviving almost anything isn’t an exaggeration, it’s very true. So let the professionals at Fenix Pest Control, Inc. take care of the problem for you. Whether you have cockroaches in your home or office, give us a call and ask about our cockroach inspections. If we find nothing, you pay nothing, but if we do, you’ll be all the more prepared with us at your back!

Say Goodbye To Your Cockroach Problems

We provide 3 services here at Fenix Pest Control, Inc.:

Pest Inspections to find any and all potential or existing pest problems, cockroaches included. We’ll look at the exterior of your property for any breaches where pests can enter.

Pest removal to remove any pests we find during our inspection phase. Ask your pest technician for details on the preferred solutions for your pest problem.

Pest prevention to prevent specific or all pests from calling your property their home. Regular pest maintenance will help ensure your property is pest free year round, 24/7/365.

Our Work

At Fenix Pest Control, Inc. we only use eco-friendly methods to control any and all pests, cockroaches included. Each time we encounter a new property, we custom make a pest plan for your home or business, ensuring we can cover each property efficiently. With over 40+ years in the business, we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with your cockroach control services and weon’t bother looking elsewhere for pest control ever again!

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