Pest Control For Silverfish

Finding, removing and preventing silverfish across the Midwest on commercial and residential properties for over 40 years. Call today for a pest inspection, pay only if we find a problem you want to address!

Start Early With Silverfish Prevention Services

Pests and silverfish alike are much hard to remove after they’ve become a problem and more costly at that, so save your wallet by getting ahead of the game with silverfish prevention. We’ll routinely drop by to help ensure you remain pest and silvefish free 24/7/365. So start saving, call now!

Eco-Friendly Silverfish COntrol

Like all of our pest control methods, we employ eco-friendly pest tecniques designed to have as small of an impact on the surrounding environment as possible, only affecting the pest or pests you want to target. Safety is a top priority for us, so we’ll do everything in our power to make sure the occupants of any property we service remain save from whatever pest control methods we use to keep you pest free all year long.

4 Seasons of Pest COntrol

Each season has its own challenges and pest behaviors to counter. In general, pests reproduce more during the Spring and Summer outside, and move into your home or business property to stay warm during the Fall and Winter. With Fenix, you’ll be protect every month of the year, from pests your property is likely to encounter. Don’t delay, call us today!

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