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Bees buzzing you by? Stinging you, your friends, family or employees? Do yourself and the bees a favor by calling Fenix Pest Control, Inc. today. We’ll safely remove bees and their nests from your property and prevent them from establishing another year round. Don’t forget to ask about our free bees inspection services too!

What’s The Buzz?

Bees tend to stick around their hives and don’t often stray too far when looking for resources. Through routine pest prevention services, you’ll never have to worry about a nest or any of their winged occupants being too close for comfort. Save yourself the stress and possible sting or few and call us today, we’ll be done in minutes!


Bees Inspection

Step one of any pest control job we take is inspecting for the pest or pests in question. Bees inspection often revolve around findin the hive.

Hive Prevention

With regular check ups, we will prevent hives from ever taking hold. Give us a call today if you’ve noticed an increase bee presence in your area!


Bee Prevention

Once the bee source has been removed, preventing a further presence is key on a monthly basis to remain bee and pest free year round.

Ensuring your homeS AND businessES stay bee-free

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Our customer reviews speak for themselves. We’re always happy to receive feedback and hear from our customers to improve our services.

“Bees were always flying by me and my employees and I’m allergic so I decided to give Fenix a call and they came out pretty soon after. The hive was up in a tree a bit away and I haven’t seen a bee since!”

Meechel Hocut

Office Manager

“We were about to throw a party in our backyard after moving into our new home and found out (after my husband got stung twice) that we had not one but two tiny hives, one tucked in our roof and on a tree by our firepit. They came out right away and nobody got stung at the party. 10/10 would Fenix again.”

Toni Macinto

Home Owner

“During the Spring and Summer, the bee population on our campus skyrockets and students get stung left and right. This past Spring, bee sting reports on campus dropped a measureable 85% and Summer 80%. We we’re blown away by Fenix Pest Control’s results.”

Tom Nguyen

Campus Director

“I ended up having to call Fenix Pest after my wife got stung while gardening. The pest technician who came out very nice and helped explain why the bees picked our holey roof and was able to get the hive out without adding to the damage the bees caused.”

Gerry Fitzgerald

Home Owner

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