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South Dakota Pest Control Services

Pest Inspections

Fenix Pest Control, Inc. is happy to offer free pest inspection services to all of our customers. Regardless of if you know you have a pest or just want to find out, we’re ready to help. Should you find yourself in need of a pest removal services, we can help right away, or offer our preventative services to stop future pest problems.

Pest Removal

There’s no bigger headache than dealing with a pest infestation, big or small. Let us help with our superior pest removal services using proven pest removal methods, state of the art equipment and open communication guaranteed to leave you a happy customer. And we’ll always come back at no extra cost to you if your problem pops up again!

Pest Prevention

The largest pest related cost next to the damage they cause is the cost of removing their infestation. Save yourself a buck and a lot of time by opting in for preventative pest control services from us at Fenix Pest Control, Inc. and we’ll have you covered all year long, Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall, we’ll be ready to answer the call.