Bed Bug Treatments

Are you experiencing a bed bug problem? Unsure? Give Fenix Pest Control, Inc. a call and ask about our free bed bug inspection. Custom bed bug treatments are available for both home and business, so don’t hesitate, protect your property ASAP.

residential pest control

Residential Pest Control

Bed bugs can cause all kinds of damage to your homes furniture, not just the bed as their name might imply. Where there’s one bed bug there’s likely many more. Contact us today about our bed bug treatments to learn what your options are as a homeowner and how Fenix Pest Control, Inc. can help keep you pest free each and every season!

commercial pest control

Commercial Pest COntrol

Bed bugs can travel far and wide and while they seem like a problem only homeowners would experience,  bed bugs have proven otherwise by entering all types of business properties, causing more damage on average than many other commonly found pests. Call us today and ask how our bed bug treatments can keep your pest free all year long.

Bed Bug Pest Control

Bed Bug Inspection

Got a bed bug problem? Not sure? Contact us below and we’ll send someone right out for a free bed bug inspection! If we find something we’ll be ready right then and there!

Bed Bug Removal

Bed bug treatments are one of the most commonly needed pest control services. Give us a call and we’ll ensure your property is bed bug free.

Bed Bug Prevention

Prevent bed bugs and other pesky pests from ever becoming a problem with regular bed bug prevention protecting your home or business 24/7/365.

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