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Pest problem? Not sure? Let the professionals at Fenix Pest Control, Inc. put your mind at ease with certified Florida pest inspection services. Call now and ask how you can get your Florida pest inspection free! We’ll examine commonly known spots where pest problems tend to crop up as well as some uncommon spots not normally checked. Once your property’s assigned pest technician knows what they’re dealing with, they can give you an accurate quote right there if you’re ready.

We can handle everything from small offices to small homes, large homes, storefronts, pet stores, work sites, front yards, back yards, and much more.

A quick note from us at Fenix: we know pulling the trigger to call pest control can seem like a hassle, but for any home or business owner, keep in mind the fact pest problems usually end up costing far more than imaginable in the long run. It’s for this reason we offer free pest inspections; in just a few minutes we’ll be able to determine if you have a pest problem or not and you’ll just have potentially saved yourself a good chunk of change.

If you’re ready for pest freedom, Fenix is prepared to help! Call our offices today and become pest free tomorrow!

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Florida Pest Inspection Services Specific to Your Home

We know each home and business is different from the next, which is why we create customized plans for each property individually. We never apply a one sized fits all solution, meaning your pest services receive the best possible result every time.

Pest Inspection

The first step is always searching for any existing or potential pest control issue, inspecting your property to better understand what we’re dealing with and what methods are needed to fix the problem.

Pest Removal

The second step has us removing any pest presence found throughout the property using various eco-friendly pest control methods based on the type of pest, scale of the infestation and infestation location.

Pest Prevention

Once any existing pest problem has been removed, preventing further pest infestations is the final step to ensure your property remains pest free all year long. Regular pest maintenance can be provided from here on.

Our Work

At Fenix Pest Control, Inc. we made the decision to use eco-friendly pest control methods to have the smallest environmental impact on your property and its occupants. We never do anything without consulting you first in detail to make sure your questions are answered and worries put to rest. We’ve been working in both the commercial and residential pest control services for over 40+ combined years, so we’re extremely confident when we say we know we can solve your pest problems. 

After having expanded our services into Nebraska and Iowa, we’re now ready to take on the challenges Florida provides and prove ourselves as your number one choice for Florida pest control services. We know we can exceed your standards given the chance and appreciate your business wholeheartedly.

Why Choose Us?

Our mission for every job we take is complete customer satisfaction. We simply do not consider a job done until our customer is completely happy with their pest control needs being met.

We do our best to provide a pest control experience unlike any other, customized to each customers needs and preferences when working with us. We never apply a one sized fits all package to any of our clients and are confident that once you’ve used our services, you’ll never want to go anywhere else. We’re extremely confident that our new Florida pest control services will meet all your needs and our reviews prove it!

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