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Mice Exterminator Services

Mice Inspections

Whether you suspect you have a mouse problem or know you do, we’ll find out exactly how bad your mice problem is, if you’ll need mice extermination services and tell you exactly how we’ll handle that. We offer free pest and mice inspections as well, so call your local Fenix locations today and get peace of mind that your pest needs are in good hands with Fenix Pest Control, Inc.

Mice Removal

Fenix makes use of over a dozen different methods where needed to fully ensure a mouse problem is handled as efficiently as possible. We’ll find the problem all the way to its source and remove it from there and every way it sprawled outward to get full coverage of your property.

Mice Prevention

Mice prevention is the most cost effective route in pest control and for any pest. We provide year long protection, no matter the season or property type, home, business, structure, you name it, we can protect it with 24/7 mice and other pest protection services.

Why Use Fenix As Your Mice Exterminator Service

Fenix Pest Control, Inc. was started to take the pest control industry to a whole new level, combining over 45 years of pest control experience into a service that only aims to exceed its pest control customers expectations. No pest problem is considered closed until there’s zero signs left of the problem, even if multiple treatments prove needed to fully stop the issue. We believe in backing up everything we say, proving ourselves with unmatched customer service, pest treatments and results covering every inch of your property with high tech, state of the art pest control equipment and training. In whole, we know if you choose us as your mice exterminator service and pest service in general, you will simply never look elsewhere, and our Google reviews from every one of our service locations prove just that too!

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With some quick contact details and (optionally) your pest concern, we’ll have a Fenix representative call you right away to schedule your free pest inspection, pest removal or pest prevention service as soon as possible! 

How We Handle Mice Exterminations

When it comes to dealing with a mouse infestation, we primarily make use of both baits and traps set along pathways we’ve found to be commonly traveled for mice on your property. Routinely checking traps and bait stations for replacement also ensures we maximize the chances of resolving 100% of the problem as quickly as possible. After the problem has been removed thoroughly and completely, we recommend fixing the source of the problem, which often means seal off any possible entryways for pests, no matter the pest of concern. Note pest prevention is always cheaper than needing pest removal after the fact. Once any external leaks are seal from pests, we can then recommend our routine, non-invasive mice prevention services which covers mice and other common pests in the area, any season, all year long.

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