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Are you currently dealing with a pest problem? Perhaps you’re not sure if you have one? We can help with our Omaha pest control services! Contact us at the number above or the contact form below and ask about our free pest inspections. We’ll find the root of your pest problem, treat it and apply a preventative layer of protection to stop your pest problem from coming back!

Residential Omaha Pest Control For Homes

When it comes to the homes in Omaha, pest control is a delicate process to ensure complete protection. We check all the nooks and crannies, the crawl spaces, the interior, the exterior, the foundation and more for any sign of pest infiltration and infestation. We’ll eradicate all signs they we’re ever there using eco-friendly pest solutions designed to keep any potential exposure to you and your family to a minimum.

Commercial Omaha Pest Control For Businesses

At Fenix, we know pest control in the work place is a serious matter, potentially impacting your bottom dollar in more than one way. Whether it’s customers potentially being turned away from the sight of pests, or employees not being comfortable at work and therefore not as efficient, pest control matters and needs to be done right the first time. That’s where we come in with our professional pest control services.

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Fenix Pest Control Has You Covered 24/7/365

There’s nothing more frustrating than having a pest control service out only for them not to back up their services. With Fenix, once you’ve paid for your first service, we’ll come out as many times as you need at no extra charge, guaranteed.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

No job is considered done until our customers are 100% satisfied with our work. We stand by our mission to keep you pest free 24/7/365 and we mean to back that mission up until your pests are gone and stay gone. Check out our Google reviews and Home Advisor and see what our customers are saying about us above.

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