Pest Control In Spring

Spring has sprung and so have pests. Are you ready for pest control in Spring? 

Let Fenix Pest Control take care of your home this season with professional pest inspection, pest removal and pest prevention services.

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Building Longlasting Customer Relationships For Over 8 Years

Our customers satisfaction with our pest control services is no laughing matter to us. We own up to any and all feedback, ensuring no job is completed until the customers is completely happy with the job we’ve provided. Take a quick look at any of our review websites from Google (currently at 5/5 stars with 32 reviews) to Home Advisor (currently at 4.89/5 stars with 22 reviews) to see just how happy our amazing customers are!

Pest Inspection

A quick and simple process to find any existing or potential pests asw well as for any weak spots on both the inside and outside of your property. We’ll check places like your windows, baseboards, sinks, foundation, and any other common and not so common places pests might enter. Once we know what we’re dealing with, we can form the best plan of action to get your 100% pest free!

Pest Removal

Once our initial pest inspection has been completed, we’ll go ahead and start the removal process of your pest problem(s). We’ll use only eco-friendly pest control methods to ensure you and any other occupants of your property remain unharmed while any pests we come in contact with perish quickly and quietly, giving you the peace of mind that comes with being pest free.

Pest Prevention

After any traces of pests have been removed from your property, we can start our prevention process to keep your free from pests for as long as you’d like to use our services. Same as our pest removal phase, we use only eco-friendly pest control prevention methods to keep your property clear of any pests entering or taking hold. A good tip to remember, preventing pests is always cheaper than removing them!

Our Best 3 Tips For Pest Control In Spring


Tip #1 – Start Pest Control Before It’s Too Late

Pest removal costs US homeowners million of dollars annually. Pest prevention, while a reoccurring fee, ends up being far, far less costly when compared to pest removal. Preventing pests costs far less time and resources for everyone involved which means your cost to pest freedom ratio is much more in far when you’re prepared for the worst. Each season has it’s share of pests, but pest control in Spring is the best season to start because most pests have yet to become fully active and if they are, it’s usually outside, but come both warmer summer temperatures and colder Winter temperatures, all pests will seek both shade and warmth inside your home wherever they can and preventing them from doing that altogether means you won’t have to deal with any problem whatsoever saving you time and money in the long run.

Tip #2 – Take Care Of Your Property

Take care of your property. You likely spent hard earned money on your home or possibly inherited it from a loved one. Do yourself or them justice by keeping the place spotless and clean which will not only do them right, but also helps keep you pest free ten fold compared to a messy, cluttered home, AKA a haven for pests to prosper. Keeping in line with starting pest control before it’s too late, keeping clean means pests have nowhere to hide, no resources to live off of, which means no reason for them to stick around or survive if they do.

Tip #3 – Take Up Gardening

Spring is the best time to take up gardening and start planting! There are dozens of plants out there that have natural pest preventing properties that can be planted around your front yard or back yard to help naturally repel pests from wanting to make your yard their home, meaning they then won’t migrate to your home in hotter and colder months to find shade and warmth like we mention in tip #1. Petunias help prevent beetles, Basil prevents mosquito eggs and thus mosquitoes, Lavender not only looks and smells nice but repels mosquitoes, moths and flies, and lemongrass, which has natural bug repelling oils found in bug replants, and those are just to name a few! So get planting!

pest control in spring

Why Do We Do It?

For the team here at Fenix, pest control is a matter of keeping our customers safe. Pests can bring loads of nasty hazards and if we’re able to help prevent those hazards, we believe it’s our duty to do so. 100% of the Fenix team is from the areas we service so we know each area like it’s our own backyard. We’re not just helping our customers when we take a job, we’re helping out our own community to build a stronger, safer place for all of us!

A Fun Fact About Fenix Pest Control:

Fenix Pest Control, Inc. originally started in Wisconsin 8 years ago as a collaboration between pest control experts with a combined experience of over 25 years in the pest control industry. We’ve quickly spread to Michigan, Iowa and now Nebraska, all thanks to amazing customers like you!

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