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Professional, experienced pest exterminator services from Fenix Pest Control Inc. guarantees your pest problem will become a thing of the past in 3 easy steps.


Schedule your FREE pest inspection with us by calling your local Fenix branch, or fill out the form below and we’ll contact you directly. We’ll then send out a pest technician to thoroughly inspect your property. If you do happen to have a pest problem, we’ll let you know exactly where it is located, how bad it is and what we can do to help.

If we find you don’t have any pests to worry about, we can go our separate ways. You can also opt into our preventative pest treatments as added pest protection that works all year long, no matter the season.


If we did find a pest problem after your free pest inspection and you’d like us to treat it, your assigned pest technician can inform you exactly how they’ll handle your properties pest problem. If you have any questions, we’ll be more than happy to address them and any other concerns you may have about the equipment and methods we use.

We strive to use the most up to date pest exterminator control techniques, equipment and eco-friendly pest solutions whenever possible to ensure the only affected target is the pest. Your pest tech will be happy to go into detal.


Once we’ve reviewed how we’ll remove your pest problem with you, we can begin pest removal treatmeant. Some treatments are done in just one application pass while others can take multiple treatment applications depending on the pest, size of the problem and where it’s located, but we’ll let you know if that’s needed during step two before we begin.

Traps and baits may otherwise be used for larger pests and rodents, but vary from property to severity of the pest problem to the pest itself. We can also recommend a preventative pest service as well to keep pests away for good, if interested.

Why Choose Fenix For Your Pest Exterminator Needs?

We strive to provide the absolute best service possible and we think our customer reviews here and below speak for themselves for any one of our locations. All of our pest technicians are trained in the most up to date pest control methods, on top of using state of the art pest equipment to ensure the best possible coverage and access when applying your pest treatments. This allows us to reach places other pest control companies just can’t themselves which means more effective pest treatments for your hard earned dollars with us.

When you use Fenix, you’re guaranteed to get a pest treatment plan customized to your specific property and its pest problem. We never apply a one sized fits all solution like big box pest companies do that are less efficient and wear off faster, requiring more frequent treatments. Our pest treatments are meant to last and our preventative treatments are meant to last even longer. Fenix pest techs are also more than happy to answer any and all questions you may have about the methods we use, the equipment we use and anything else pest related. Fenix Pest Control, Inc. is also fully licensed in Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota and Florida, as well as insured!

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What To Look For In A Pest Exterminator

No matter what pest service you use, it’s important to know what to look for, as some pest companies cut corners to save a buck. You can put them on the spot however by simply asking the right questions and gauging their answers.

First and foremost, ask them if they are licensed. They should be able to provide you a license number or guide you to where you can find their licensing proof online. For example, here is our licensing for Iowa, but also note, our pest technicians are also licensed themselves, not just our company as a whole, so make sure you ask that both company and pest technician are licensed (and trained in the case of pest technicians).

Second, check their reviews online from multiple platforms if possible. While most people leave reviews when they’re angry as opposed to when they’re happy, they’re still one of the best ways to gauge how a pest company treats its customers. Ideally they’ll have responded to any bad reviews if possible, but take both positive and negative reviews with a grain of salt as they can be manipulated in some cases.

Third and finally, ask about what they use in their treatments and about the equipment used. Your pest provider should have no issues discussing either and if they’re hesitant, we would advise caution in using them. Outside of wanting to keep anything proprietary, we at Fenix will be happy to show you everything we’re using to treat your property to keep you comfortable with everything we’re doing.

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