Pest Control For Moths

Moths are dangerous in number, but even a small amount can spiral out fo control. Call Fenix Pest Control, Inc. today to ensure your home or business remains moth free all year long. Our pest technicians will create a customized plan unique to your property designed for maximum pest prevention effeciency, detailing any possible breaches and pests and the solutions used to control them. With Fenix at your back, you’ll never have to worry about moths again.

Pest Control All Year Long

Pests don’t take time off, and neither do we! We’ll keep you pest free all year long once you’ve started with out preventative services. Pests react differently each season based on the weather meaning each season has its own challenges, but with Fenix, you’ll always be one step ahead to stop moths and other pests in their tracks.

We’re Eco-Friendly

The moth control and other pest control methods are eco-friendly pest control methods designed to have minimal environmental impact on your property and the occupants inside and out. Feel free to ask your assigned pest technician about the methods used for your pest problem.

The Fenix Pest Control Process

Pest control in 3 quick steps.

Pest Inspection

The first step for any pest problem is a detail inspection of wherever pests could be an issue. This includes looking for any breaches around the property, droppings, and other indicators.

Pest Removal

Based on the pest inspection and our findings, we’ll create a unique pest control plan for your property, designed to ensure maximum efficiency covering every inch of your home or business.

Pest Prevention

After we’ve removed 100% of the pest problem, we’ll then turn our attention to preventing primary and secondary pest problems to stop future infestations before they can begin,

Customer Service

We don’t consider a job complete until our customer is 100% satisfied with their pest control needs being met. We’ll do whatever it takes to make sure you remain pest free for as long as you remain under our preventative pest services, 24/7/365. Call us today!

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