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Pest control is dirty, time consuming and sometimes cramped, but pest removal remains a universal chore that every home and business has to deal with each year. Break out the big guns this year with Fenix Pest Controls pest removal services, complete with pest inspection, pest removal and pest prevention.

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At Fenix, we strive to be the best of the best in pest removal. Whether a home or business property, we never apply a one size fits all plan to generate the best results possible. With decades of experience, use of leading pest control methods, and trained pest technicians at your service all year long, we guarantee you pest freedom no matter the season, 365 days a year. You’ve got nothing to lose, grab your free pest inspection today by contacting us below! We look forward to exceeding your pest control expectations!


Of Americans Have Had A Bed Bug Infestation




Billion In Property Damage Done Annually By Termites Alone

Top Requested Pest Control Services

Our #1 requested pest control service is for pest prevention. Routine pest prevention is far less expensive on average than constant pest removal service being required due to poor pest remediation. If we can keep the pests out to begin with, removing them will never be necessary!

Our #2 requested service would be pest removal. We’ll never use any inhumane method toward any pest and only provide eco-friendly solutions to any pest control problem we encounter to ensure the safety of any usual occupants of the property we are servicing. Safety first!

Our 3rd and final requested service is pest inspection, which ironically we always recommend first to better understand if there’s a.) a pest problem to begin with and b.) if there is a pest problem, what’s the best way for us to address it with a customized plan, just for that property for maximum effectiveness.


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