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Our Precision Pest Program is the best in the industry. We integrate the best and sometimes lost practices of the past with the latest technology to offer the best service available but also create the best possible experience for our customers.

We realized that each season of the year has different pest problems and each city in the United States has their own local issues that we need to cater to in order to be successful. This is one of the biggest factors that sets us apart from the larger nationwide corporations that do the same service in Georgia that they do in Iowa and expect customers to be happy about it. They know it won’t work but they are all about the bottom line and could care less if they take care of the customer.

 At Fenix, we have a different approach.

Spring Service

In the Spring we begin our service by making sure your house is clean and free of all Spider Webs and Wasp nests. This is important because Spiders love to attach their Egg Sacs to your home. When they hatch out you will have hundreds of new baby Spiders, and we wouldn’t be a good pest service if we didn’t remove that problem from your house. Also with the wasp nests we want to make sure they are gone as well, as they leave pheromone behind that will attract new wasps to the same area.

This service is called our Web Away Service and although it takes a lot of time to do a good job, we include in our Standard Recurring Pest Packages at no extra charge. Many companies claim they will do this for you, but no one does it like we do. We guarantee to remove all Spider Webs and Wasp nests from the Exterior of the home. We invest in high quality equipment that no one else carries in the industry to make sure this happens. We can reach up to 45 ft on a house.

Once we have completed de-webbing your house, we treat all the corners, peaks and eaves with a repellent to keep these pests from returning to these areas.

Next we treat the foundation of the home with a power sprayer. Again, this is an investment on our part. Using a power sprayer obviously costs much more than the cheap backpacks that many companies use but it also insures we are putting up a strong barrier around the home with a good pattern to make sure bugs can’t find breaks in the barrier. This treatment is mainly for crawling insects like Ants, Spiders, Millipedes, Pillbugs, Centipedes and so on.

After that we will granulate the yard for fleas and ticks. While we can’t guarantee you, your children or your pets will ever get a flea or tick on you this will largely reduce their populations and help.

Lastly our technician will always as if you’d like your inside treated at no extra cost. This treatment is cutting edge and it includes de-webbing the garage along with treating all of your cracks and crevices from invading pests.

To finish up our technician will do an inspection to make sure there are no signs of Carpenter Ants as these pests will need treated differently

precision pest program
summer precision pest program

Summer Service

Doing a good job with our Spring Service will make our job much easier in the Summer. The Spring and Summer service share much of the same treatments but there are definitely some differences as well. 

Once we reach Summer the bugs problems tend to change.  Spiders, Ants and Wasps come out in full force. There are also more issues with more specialized things like mosquitos, Japanese beetles, fruit flies, foreign grain beetles and many other pests. Each one of these pests need treated in a specific way.  If you would like treatment for these specific pests, ask your Fenix Service Pro and we’d be happy to help you with them. Also if you need help identifying something, our Service Pros are well trained and would be happy to help.

Fall Service

Fall is an especially important part of the year. This is the time of the year when believe it or not most pest problems originate. Once pest feel the cooler air moving in, they tend to run for cover. At this time of year, we face many problems with Wasps, Spiders, Mice, Box Elder Bugs and Asian Beetles. 

Our fall service is catered to these specific issues. First we will take a telescoping mirror and do an inspection around the home to detect if we see any entry point where mice can get in. This is important because ultimately, we want to seal your home so there is no way for them to get in. Mice can fit in a dime sized hole, so it doesn’t take much. This exclusion work is part of your basic service and there is no extra charge. 

Next we look for any current mouse activity. As long as there is no recent activity, we will seal up all gaps on your home. If there is current activity, we put off sealing the home until we resolve the current mouse issue.

Our mouse service is second to none. We use new technology to track mice. Using a product called Lumitrac, we bait the mice and return in 2 – 4 weeks. The mice will eat the bait and it will make their droppings glow. Using a black light, we can teach where they were coming in or out and make sure we seal all the proper areas.

 Also in the fall we treat the sides of your home with a power sprayer for box welder bugs and Asian beetles. These pests love the sunny side of your home and try to make it inside to next in your drywall. We have product made specifically for these pests, to stop them from getting in.

 It also very important in the fall time to treat the foundation as well as peaks and eaves to make sure the spiders and wasps don’t have one last shot at getting in and nesting for the winter. 

 Again the fall is important. If we don’t do the fall service, it will lead to problems later. This is why we love to treat the inside at this time of year as well. To make sure and flush out anything coming through the plumbing or from under ground.

fall precision pest program
winter precision pest program

Winter Service

Although most pest problems originate in the fall. The winter is actually the most important service. This is because if anything made it in, it is probably nested in the wall voids and waiting for spring or warm weather to hatch out.

That is why have purchased the latest and greatest of wall dusting machines to make sure and disrupt this process. The wall gun will inject a dust back behind the wall that will spread out and fill the cavity lasting for up to six months.

This is great not only for the reasons described above but also for treating brown recluse spiders. Brown Recluse Spiders are dangerous, but most hang out in the shadows and voids. This is the only treatment that will penetrate areas where they are likely nesting. Brown Recluse Spiders are prevalent throughout our service area and should be taken seriously.

Another important aspect of the winter service is refilling rodent stations. We will do an interior and exterior inspection for activity as well a refill these important stations.

Our Guarantee

We stand behind our work 100%. If anytime between regularly scheduled visits you feel you need extra treatment, we will return to treat your home at no extra charge. Even if it was for something new that we didn’t know about. We truly mean this. You only have to pay for your regularly scheduled visits. You can have us come out as many times as you’d like in between at no extra charge.

No has a comparable program or a better guarantee! We want to make you happy! This is a high-end service at a very reasonable cost! Try us out today!

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