South Dakota Pest Inspection Services

Whether you have pests already and aren’t sure what kind or you just want to be prepared against them, Fenix is at the ready to help. With our 5 star rated South Dakota pest inspection services, we will thoroughly inspect your home or property in commonly nested or traveled areas for pests, determine how bad your pest problem is and what’s causing it if there is one, or recommend options to prevent future issues.

Call your local South Dakota Fenix Pest Control branch at 605-202-5757 and ask about our same day pest inspection or message us with the form below today to get the peace of mind you want and the pest freedom you need!

We also provide pest removal services should you have pests and pest prevention services to cover your property all year round. Just ask your local branch representative and they’ll be happy to help answer all your questions.

Where We Inspect

BaseboardsThresholdsWindowsAir Ducts
SinksWallsCeilingsLight Fixtures
FurnitureWoodpilesCrawl SpacesBasements
Trash AreasPlantsAppliancesAnd More
Trash AreasPlants
WindowsAir Ducts
CeilingsLight Fixtures
Crawl SpacesBasements
AppliancesAnd More

Common Pests We Service

Mice And Rats



Wasps, Hornets, Yellow Jackets


And More…


Let us know some basic information and we'll get back to you ASAP about your pest concern.

3 Reasons To Go With Fenix Versus The Other Guys

Customer Service

We want to start with customer service because we believe that’s the core of a business and all else fails if you can’t please your customers simply by talking to them first. Any one of our pest technicians or office staff will be happy to answer your questions, from simple questions to complex, ask away! 

Always Improving Pest Knowledgebase

While pests don’t often change their habits, we do! We’re constantly improving how we treat for pests, from how to more effectively prevent them, how to treat sensitive or heavily trafficked areas to keep you and your property’s occupants safe and to ensure we can treat nearly any pest you might run into.

State of the Art Pest Equipment

Reinvesting in Fenix means investing in our customers. As you have helped build our business over the years, we’ve ensured to improve our equipment to better serve you and your pest problems. Not only does this mean our treatments are more effective, but that we can do more for you at a lower cost as well.