Longwood, Florida Pest Control Services

Fenix Pest Control, Inc. has been in the pest control industry for well over 40 combined years. Originally starting in Wisconsin, we have serviced thousands of homes and businesses in Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, Nebraska and now the amazing state of Florida.

Servicing the Orlando metro area, we are fully prepared to help you deal with nearly any common pest issues, offering free pest inspection services to all of our customers. We do everything from pest removal to pest prevention and of course pest inspections.

If you’ve got ants, bees, wasps, moles, mice, snakes, silverfish, bed bugs, cockroaches or any other common household pest, contact us with the form below or give our Longwood pest control service branch a call at the number above and we’ll be happy to send out a trained service technician right away. We guarantee you’ll never go wanting for another pest control service ever again once you’ve experience our customer support and professional services.

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Longwood, Florida Pest Control Services

Longwood Pest Inspection

The first step is inspecting your property to better understand what we’re dealing with and what methods are needed to fix the problem.

Longwood Pest Removal

Step two includes removing any pest presence found throughout the property through various methods based on the pest, infestation scale and location.

Longwood Pest Prevention

Once any existing pest problem is removed, preventing further infestations is the next and final step which ensures your property remain pest free all year long.

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What Sets Us Apart From The Rest

We started Fenix Pest Control, Inc. with a mission to do things the right way from the start unlike so many others who give pest control a bad name. We’ve spent years listening to our customers, their concerns, their complaints and their feedback to improve and refine what we now offer with our Longwood pest control services.

We employ complete transparency with all of our services from who will be treating your home, how they’ll do it, what solutions they use and the equipment they use. All of our technicians are fully trained with the most current eco-friendly pest remediation methods around and we equip all of our technicians with state of the art pest control tools, ensuring we can reach higher, see lower and spray tighter than any of our competitors. “Quality over quantity” is rooted deeply within Fenix from everything to the service technicians we employ to the equipment we mentioned we use and we believe it shows!

We’re also around all year long 24/7. We apply our what we call our Precision Pest Program to all of our services ensuring your pest freedom each and every season. To quickly simplify, pests start moving indoor more heavily when Fall and colder weather rolls in. To combat this we’ll focus more on exterior and interior prevention during the Fall season. During the Winter, many pests have taken shelter inside so we shift our focuses to interior prevention and removal of any existing pest presence. Once warmer weather moves in Spring, we shift our focus back outside to help reduce the overall pest population with exterior prevention and pest removal being the main focus. This should help the Summer months see fewer pests as we continue to focus on exterior removal and prevention until Fall hits again and the cycle repeats.

As this cycle continues and you use our services, we guarantee you’ll experience less pests in time as we continually find, remove and protect your home from these pesky pests.

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Longwood, Florida Pest Control Services

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